Girls of Pleasure Casting

Working as a Incall model or private Hostess is becoming a respected and valued member of our Girls of Pleasure private house


If you are a young lady looking to become private girl / hostess to provide incall service, feel free to contact us using the form below. We do not indicate any requirements, since we want to decide ourselves if you are a great candidate to become part of our team or not. Any application is welcome, and all applications are treated in discretion and with respect. We answer all applications, even those that are refused.

Becoming private Hostess at Girls of pleasure is being the top of the bill!

Becoming private Hostess at Girls of pleasure is being the top of the bill!

Becoming Private Hostess at the Girls of Pleasure Private House is not working in a brothel, is not working as masseuse, but is working as an individual, personal and guided, secure and according to mutual agreements.
We select strictly according to values most important for being able to be successful.

Becoming private Hostess at Girls of pleasure is being the top of the bill! Fill the application form below, and have the possibility of becoming one of the highest earning private girls in Europe!

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Sending your application to Girls of Pleasure, Private House near Brussels, is sending your application in trust and in discretion. We never use pictures or personal data, this is just an application, and no material will be used for commerial or promotional ends. Your discretion is our main concern!